Religious Leaders: Extend elections , change constitution to allow Museveni lead for 3 years

The Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) an umbrella association of Christian leaders in Uganda has urged the government to postpone the forthcoming 2021 general election for three more years, due to the growing cases of COVID-19.

The Christian Council wants the elections to be held in 2023 when the COVID-19 pandemic is contained.

UJCC made these remarks on Wednesday afternoon, through Catholic Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga in a press conference held in Kampala.

“Politicians are not following Standard Operating Procedures and this has increased the spread of COVID-19. We request the government to postpone the elections for three years,” Archbishop Lwanga noted.

The Archbishop also noted that in case of a postponement, the constitution should be amended to allow incumbent President Yoweri Museveni to continue leading the country in the period of postponement.

Fr. Daniel Musiitwa who is the deputy executive secretary in UJCC said that security forces are using COVID-19 as an excuse to brutalize Ugandans and said that postponement will help to save the lives of Ugandans.

“We have seen security agencies brutalizing Ugandans. Several deaths have also been registered from this high handedness,” Father Musiitwa said.

UJCC has leaders from the Orthodox believers, Church of Uganda, and the Catholic Church.

The umbrella association was formed in 1963 to promote peace in Uganda

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