UAE deports 86 Ugandans over fake documents, forged visas

The United Arab Emirates has directed the immediate deportation of several nationalities who had either overstayed in their country without the requisite visa or lacked proper documents.

Among those who were deported were 86 Ugandan nationals who were arrested in a series of operations conducted by the UAE security over the weekend.

Uganda deputy head of mission to UAE Ambassador Henry Mayega on Wednesday confirmed the developments noting 86 Ugandans were being deported because they had issues to do with their documents and a number of them had overstayed their visa.

He also noted that they were arrested in a series of operations that were conducted by security within the last two weeks and screened before the deportations were made.

“The people who were being deported from here have had issues with their documents. Many of them had overstayed and their visas had run out and they didn’t bother to renew. We have been in touch with some and have offered Counsellor Services,” Mayega said.

Mayega downplayed the deportation of the 86 Ugandans noting that several other nationalities were also being deported. He said that Uganda has over 60,000 people working in the UAE and that their contribution in terms of remittance to the economy of Uganda was quite substantial.

“We take interest in knowing what each of them is doing but of course we get streams of people coming to UAE every day and sometimes we are unable to get in touch with all of them,” Mayega said.

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